Final project conference – Newcastle – September 2013
The final project conference was held in Newcastle, in September 2013. In this section you can download the agenda and the conference report and presentations.

4th meeting of the steering group – Carpi (IT) – February 2013
The fourth meeting of the steering group in Carpi (Italy) in February 2013 was to discuss the findings of the Interim Evaluation and the revision of the Rickter Scale Process according to the experiences made with the different target groups. Tasks and activities regarding the following ‘dissemination phase’ were agreed and the planned International Conference in September was prepared.

3rd meeting of the steering group – Athens (GR) – October 2012
The third meeting was held in Athens in October 2012. The main topic was the work on the Interim Progress Report and Interim Financial Report which was to be delivered at the end of the month.

2nd steering committee – Koln (DE) – May 2012
The second meeting of the steering group took place in Cologne on May 2012. The progress of the works so far was monitored and the next steps the implementation of the Rickter Scale Process agreed.

Training for trainers – 2nd session – Newcastle (UK) – February 2012
After collecting experience with the Rickter Scale Process for about two months a week long follow-up training was organized in February 2013. The seminar ended with the official license for the practitioners.

Training for trainers – 1st session – Newcastle (UK) – December 2011
The initial training of the practitioners from DE, GR and IT was organized in Newcastle in December 2011. The training covered a full week and the trainers were handed out the Rickter Scale board for exercising.

1st steering committee – Newcastle (UK) – October 2011
The kick-off meeting took place in Newcastle in October 2011. The steering group was set up, a partner contract signed and the final work plan and time schedule agreed.