ZIB is a private vocational training centre in the western part of Germany and offers professional counselling, training and job placement for vulnerable people wanting to access the labor market. This includes the long-term unemployed, job returners, migrants and elderly people. Besides that, ZIB acts as a service provider for the application and administration of EU funded qualification courses.

ZIB has been operating since 2004, and there are local branches in the cities of Solingen, Wuppertal, Leverkusen and Marburg.

ZIB’s work supports people who are dependent on social benefits on their journey towards professional qualifications and employment.
Accordingly we offer:

• preparation courses for the successful completion of advanced vocational training for young people
• individual counselling and job placement for unemployed people
• IT-related qualification courses for those seeking further education
• language courses and courses including literacy skills for migrants
• training courses for woman returning to work following maternity leave
• counselling, training and job placement for unemployed people over 50 years old

Each client bringing their unique individual needs becomes the central focus of our work, while our partners are contracting bodies such as the federal Employment Agency, local JobCentres, state governmental departments, EU administration bodies and private companies.