KMOP, a leading Greek NGO, aims at promoting the active inclusion of various socially excluded and underprivileged groups, with a special focus on mental illness. Specifically, KMOP has a solid background and substantial expertise in providing housing and rehabilitation services to individuals with mental disorders. Moreover, KMOP has a strong expertise in social inclusion, gender equality, immigrants, employability, VET and citizenship, with a focus on vulnerable social groups such as women, one parent families and elderly as well as youth and the long-term unemployed. Research and social studies are among the most important components of KMOP’s activities. Since its establishment in 1979, KMOP has developed and implemented numerous successful projects and research in Greece and increasingly abroad. KMOP has extensive experience in vocational training and counseling programs individually targeting vulnerable persons, while it focuses on the implementation of specific programmes and actions aiming at the diffusion of know-how and the development of innovations in education and training of socially vulnerable groups. KMOP also provides comprehensive support to immigrants, people with disabilities and youngsters at risk of dropping out of school. Most of KMOP’s activities are carried out in disadvantaged areas with beneficiaries – all age groups – from population groups at risk of social exclusion, as well as those with special needs.